硅谷天津大学校友会是一只活跃在硅谷华人社区的校友联谊团队. “花堤蔼蔼,北运滔滔,巍巍学府北洋高”. 创会十年来, 弘扬母校务实传统, 立足硅谷湾区, 服务社会. 积极开展文体联谊,热心参与社区活动,,已有近三百余名天津大学(北洋大学)校友注册为会员.我们的宗旨是: 1. 增加校友之间的联系与交流。 2.共享信息和共同发展 3. 加强与母校的联系,为母校的发展尽职尽力。

This site is dedicated to Tianjin University Alumni who live in Northern California. SVTJUAA has over 300 members who graduated from different colleges and departments ranging from early 80s to the 21 century. Currently, members of SVTJUAA work in different high-tech companies in the valley such as Google, IBM, eBay, WD, Agilent, etc. Our goal is to connect alumni to the University and to each other, and to provide valued activities and networking opportunities to enrich our lives here in bay area. Let’s unite and with the help of each other, we can all make our lives better!